Spring Cleanup Before Summer Heat UP

Spring Cleanup Before Summer Heat UP

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Ahhh…the sun is blazing hot and the temperature is 90 degrees!


We here at KONA know that the dog days of summer are meant for
picnics, BBQ’s and family fun by the pool! 
We also know that, unfortunately, there is a lot of outdoor work that needs to be done.
You will thank yourself in July if you take a few days in the spring to
get some of the outdoor chores done before the summer heat up
We’ve put together a list of things that can be done during
the cooler days of spring so that you can have all the fun you want
when that sun is blazing high in the sky!

Spring Clean Up Before Summer Heat Up!


1. Deep clean your BBQ grill and tools!  Too much grease and gunk in your grill can hinder the effectiveness of the grill, and it can also affect the taste of your food. 
There are many good videos available online that show how to clean your grill’s catch box, cook box and burner tubes. 
It is highly recommended by many renowned chefs that your grill brush be replaced every year. Thoroughly clean the rest of your grill tools with warm, soapy water. 
After you’ve gotten your grill all cleaned up, make sure to use Kona grill mats to keep grill grates clean and cut down on your after-dinner clean up time! 
2. Wash your windows and screens!  Use one of the window cleaners that attaches to your hose to clean your furniture.  It will allow you to do your windows and screens at the same time and save lots of time!
3. Clean your outdoor furniture/deck/patio!  Wet your outdoor furniture and spray with a multipurpose cleaner.  Let it sit for a few minutes and the power wash or hose down your furniture.  Use a good deck cleaner to clean your patio or deck.
4. Clean out your garage!  Pick a cloudy or rainy weekend to work on cleaning out the garage.  Make an effort to get rid of things that are outdated or that you’re sure you won’t use again.  You’ll be grateful for all the new space you’ll have!
5. Clean your outdoor trash cans!  Spring is a good time to use a multipurpose cleaner and an old broom to clean your trash cans and get rid of those funky smells and built up dirt.  You will probably have to do this again in the fall!
6. Prep your garden flowerpots for use!  Most pots will have a crusty layer of soil and fertilizer salts left over from last year.  Hot water and a scrub brush will remove most of last year’s dirt, so you can start off with fresh, clean pots for this year’s beautiful flowers!
7. Clean the blades of your outdoor ceiling fan!  It’s easy to forget that the tops of your fan blades get dirty, too.  Slip an old pillowcase over the blade and then slide off, pulling all the dust with it!
8. Clean your outdoor light fixtures!  Clear away any debris, dead bugs and cobwebs to maximize your bright light.  Dirty lights are 30% less effective, which means less light and more energy usage!
9. Clean your gutters and rain spouts!  Use a hose to flush all the winter debris from your gutters.  This will prevent backups and overflows, which can lead to damage to your home.
10. Clear away the cobwebs!  Go around the house with a broom and clear away all those cobwebs left over from last summer and fall.  No one wants to have a haunted house look!

When you’re sitting by the pool mid-July sipping a cold, refreshing summer drink, you can give yourself a good pat on the back for having done all those pesky summer chores way back in the spring! 


And then take a look around and admire all of your hard work that has made your house look really, really great!!


Now that your grill is clean, keep it clean all summer by using a Kona grill mat!

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