Set of 6 Wood Grilling Planks - Large 11"x5", Western Red Cedar, Hickory & Red Oak

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Premium 5”x11” Grilling Planks! 

These large grilling planks are perfectly sized for grilling two large servings each. Impart your food with the magnificent aromatic flavors these premium grilling planks provide.

The variety pack contains 2 of each type of wood plank described below, or use the drop-down menu to choose a single wood type for your complete set of 6.

  • Red Oak adds a medium to full-bodied, sweet and nutty flavor. It is the most versatile of the woods. It pairs especially well with beef, lamb, wild game, pork and fish. 
  • Hickory wood produces a strong and bold smoke flavor. It puts the twang in Southern-style BBQ for beef, lamb, wild game, bacon, portobello mushrooms. 
  • Cedar grilling planks are the fragrance and spice of the Pacific Northwest.  They pair well with salmon, other seafood, vegetables and more! 


Usage Instructions: Soak plank in water for 1-2 hours. Place seasoned food on wet plank. 

  1. Soak plank in water for 1-2 hours. 
  2. Place seasoned food on wet plank. 
  3. Place plank on pre-heated grill. 
  4. Keep grill lid closed. 
  5. Cooking Times will vary. 
  6. Keep a spray bottle of water handy to douse flames as necessary. 
  7. Grilling planks are only intended for single use. Reuse is unsanitary.

Made in the USA    

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