The Kona Way


Here at Kona we keep things simple.

Provide novel high quality products that eliminate common problems faced by "us".

For you and I that may be grilling our favorite foods without drying them out, taking our phones to a water park without destroying them yet still capturing awesome photos and vids, or getting into our cars in the rain without our umbrellas dripping water all over us.

But, more importantly, we strive to do everything we can for the rest of "us".

Kona's products allow people throughout the world to cook cleanly, provide reading light and protect the few items they may have from being ruined.

Additionally, with your patronage and help, we are able to support other great causes that are truly making the world a better place.

This month Kona, in proud partnership with The One Sky Project, is spotlighting the work and cause of The Mufindi Children's Village. See "our" story below.