ALOHA! Grill - Official Kona BBQ Grill Book - Instant Delivery

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  • Silly question... how does it leave grill marks if the grill bars are covered by the mat?

  • What are the mats made out of?

  • Will it work on an infrared grill?

  • I’m concerned about having to place the mat 7” above the burner, our grill has the burners closer than that, would the mat be ok closer to the flame?

  • Where is the kona best bbq grill mat manufactured?

  • Doesn't the mat turn the grill into a frying pan since it acts like a frying surface?

  • What is the difference between the black grill mats and the copper ones?

  • If I cut this to fit my grill perfectly, do you need much space left around the edges for air to circulate?

  • Which side up?

  • I know it says 600 degrees peak temp, but what is the recommended temperature?