Kona Ultimate Umbrella ~ Virtually Indestructible Windproof Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

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The Ultimate Umbrella Opens Inside-Out / Upside-Down / Reverse Folding ~ Multi-Function Comfort Grip Handle

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  • ULTIMATE HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Yet light weight making it also great umbrella for women and kids (over 8 years old) too! Super tough aluminum alloy shaft and innovative textured foot (USA ONLY) can withstand your body weight when used as a walking stick.
  • HIGH SPEED WINDPROOF & VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE -  Heavy Duty Triple Alloy Frame & Dual Layer Waterproof Fabric design allows wind to pass through without the typical problems created
  • MULTI-FUNCTION SOFT C GRIP HANDLE - Allows you to easily hold this full size yet compact travel umbrella in a variety of ways. Easily slips over a woman's or girls wrist. Even allowing you to use both hands while offering rain protection. Please be safe and refrain from texting and walking.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery outside of the USA.
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    Makes A Great Gift For Family & Friends!

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