Grill Surface Thermometer ~ Must Have For Grill Mats

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How Hot Is Your BBQ Grill Surface?

Did you know that the surface temperature of your grill has nothing to do with the temperature reading on you grill lid? A typical thermometer on your grill only measures the air temperature above the grates, not the actual temperature your prized filet is searing at.

A great analogy is holding your hand over a candle flame. A foot above the flame and the temperature isn't so bad, like the reading on your grill lid. However, move your hand a few inches away from the flame, where your grill mat or grill grates are, and the experience is much more intense!!! The temperature of the flame itself is at at least 2600 degrees.

Works Great With A BBQ Grill Mat!

These are an inexpensive way to accurately measure the grill surface to insure an excellent barbecue cookout every time. These grill thermometers identify the ideal temperature ranges for both barbecuing and searing with a peak temperature of 700 degrees.

Simply place on the grill as the grill is warming up. These are not instant read, so give it about 5 minutes on a hot grill to allow it to properly calibrate.

Add A Grill Surface Thermometer To Your Cart Now. It Is A Must Have!


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