Propane Fuel Level Indicator - Magnetic & Reusable

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Never Run Out Of Propane Gas Again!

The World’s Most Durable, All-Season, Magnetic Propane Tank Fuel Level Indicator.

Has it All: Simply Place Magnetic Gauge On Propane Tank To Read Fuel Level. High Accuracy Guaranteed.

Magnetic, Accurate, & Reusable


Accurately measure the level of your propane tank. Be the hero! Never run out of fuel again in the middle of a cookout.

Reuse again and again for years to come. Works year round in all weather conditions.

Sticks to all gas tanks. Place on the bottom half of any Propane or Butane tank. Turn on and wait 10 minutes to get level. Will last for years to come.


Do These Really Work?
Yes! There are over 100,000 happy customers and counting. Simply slap on to the bottom half of any propane or butane gas tank, turn the grill or accessory on, wait 5 min and check the level of your tank.


Where Can I Use These?
Anyplace where you use a propane or butane tank. RV'ing, Camping, Boating, Hiking. Can be used with BBQ grills, gas lights, stoves, etc.


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Every Grill Needs One Of These!

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