Kona Best Grill Pan & Tray - 10 Year Guarantee

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Safe/Clean Porcelain Enameled BBQ Grilling Tray for Veggies, Kabobs, Seafood & Meats

  • THE ONLY EASY TO CLEAN GRILL TRAY & PAN - Unlike those other grill toppers that look terrible after one use, the Kona Grill Tray & Pan is the only one available that will look great for years to come. Those other flimsy grill trays warp and are impossible to clean. These are made with an FDA compliant, long lasting, low stick Safe/Clean surface and high-quality steel, ensuring your vegetables, shrimp, and stir-fry comes out great every time. And, clean up is a breeze!
  • ROUNDED CORNERS FOR SAFETY - Unlike those other products that have sharp points, Kona has rounded the corners off to avoid accidents.
  • 50% THICKER, HEAVY-DUTY PREMIUM STEEL - As soon as you pick one of these up, you will know you are holding onto a quality product. Over 1.3mm thick compared to competitor products that are only 0.8mm. These will never warp and would have to be hit with a hammer to dent.
  • BEAUTY THAT LASTS GUARANTEED - The Safe/Clean surface will look great for years to come. Add your small food items that would normally fall through your grill grates, then place the basket directly onto your grill grates. Do not put directly in fire or coals. Stir the items until you reach your desired level of doneness and remove. CAUTION: grill tray will be hot! Do not pick up with bare hands.
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE ($34.99 Value) INCLUDED FREE! So you can buy this BBQ grill tray & pan with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE. Try it now risk-free!

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