Kona's Quest for the Perfect Grill Mat: A Story of Innovation and Quality

Kona's Quest for the Perfect Grill Mat: A Story of Innovation and Quality

In the world of grilling, we often focus on the art - the recipes, techniques, and flavors. However, behind every masterpiece is a tool that brings it to life. In our world, that tool is the grill mat. But, not just any grill mat - the perfect grill mat. It’s a tale that takes us back to the inception of Kona BBQ Store, as our quest for excellence took us on a journey of innovation and unwavering commitment to quality.

The Origin Story

Jamie Harris, our co-founder, was a senior scientist in corporate America when he first stumbled upon a grill mat. Like many, he was intrigued by the promising benefits of this new product. A mat that could make grilling easier, cleaner, and more convenient? It sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately, in this case, it was.

Upon trying the product, Jamie was disappointed. The grill mat was of poor quality and failed to deliver on its lofty promises. However, rather than being disheartened, he saw an opportunity. He asked himself a simple question - "What if we made a grill mat that could actually do what it promised?" This question was the spark that ignited the creation of Kona BBQ Store.

The Birth of Innovation

Armed with his scientific background, Jamie approached the problem like a true innovator. He utilized a multi-million dollar lab to conduct extensive research and rigorous testing, ultimately engineering the perfect grill mat. When it was time to produce this newly developed product, he faced resistance - factories told him no one was doing what he proposed. His response encapsulated the spirit of Kona: "That's exactly why I want it made this way. To be the best."

The Kona Difference

The Kona grill mat is a testament to our philosophy of uncompromised quality and innovative design. It withstands high temperatures, offers excellent non-stick properties, and is remarkably durable - all the qualities that were missing in other options in the market. More importantly, it delivers on its promises, making grilling not only more convenient but also more enjoyable.

Our grill mat's success wasn't merely a product of innovation, but of our determination to go above and beyond in delivering the best grilling experience to our customers. Our grill mats are now recognized by several best-of articles and media outlets, including CNN, the Today Show, and Good Housekeeping, as top in class.


The quest for the perfect grill mat wasn't easy, but it has always been about more than just a product. It's about our commitment to enhancing your grilling experience, about seeing a problem and having the courage to create a solution. Most importantly, it's about staying true to our core values - integrity, under-promising and over-delivering, and treating customers like our closest friends.

At Kona, we believe in the power of a great BBQ - the joy it brings, the bonds it strengthens, and the memories it creates. And we promise to continue innovating, ensuring you can always trust Kona to make your grilling experience nothing short of extraordinary.
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