Kona Grill Brush Revenge Against Grillart Grill Brushes


The team at Kona noticed that the grillart grill brush people in China completely plagiarized Kona's product listings and copied Kona's marketing materials.

In fact, you can still see the Kona owned "Safe/Clean" trademark and Kona's instructions word for word still showing in some grill art grill brush product listings.

Unfortunately, USA trademark laws don't extend to China, so we found a different way to go after them...

What better way to extract some revenge than to break some S%&#!, open a can of whoop a$$, and show off how truly bad to the bone Kona products really are compared to cheap competitors trying to sell at premium prices.



Here we took a 6-pound grill grate and dropped it on the new Kona Flex Grip handle and also, in this case, the grillart brush.

Don't worry, we are coming after the rest of you knockoffs too... 

As you can see, the grate was dropped from a height nearly twice as high onto the Kona grill brush.

We wanted to make it a fair fight!



Even with one arm tied behind our back, it was no competition at all. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it.

The new patent-pending Flex-Grip Handle is bad a$$! Every Kona grill brush now has it.

Check them out at https://www.Amazon.com/kona or here at https://www.konaBBQstore.com 


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