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No matter if it's a roast for a dinner party or a turkey for the holidays, the Kona Wireless Grill Thermometer insures meals are cooked to perfection. The unit features a digital back lit LCD screen and a remote wireless probe to measure the temperature of meat and other items. It's easy! Simply insert the stainless-steel 6-inch probe into the center of the item you're grilling, run the 40-inch wire out grill, oven or smoker, and close. The sensor will display the internal temperature with near perfect accuracy from 32 to 572 degrees F.
Two AAA batteries power the main unit and two AAA batteries power the transmitter. The main unit measures 5-3/5 by 2-3/4 by 1-1/2 inches, and the remote unit measures 3-2/5 by 3-2/5 by 1-1/5 inches. The thermometer probe measures 7 inches long and has 40 inches of cord.
  • Step 1: After batteries are inserted, press the reset button
  • Step 2: Place the probe in to the meat
  • Step 3: Select meat type and doneness level
  • Step 4: While the meat is cooking, the probe wirelessly transmits the temperature reading to the receiver. Cook the meat and until you hear four beeps and "It's done."

Find The Full Set of Instructions for the Kona® Wireless Meat Thermometer HERE

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