Grillmaster Rewards - FREE Safe/Clean Grill Brush & 14 Day Test Drive

$ 4.95

Get A FREE Safe/Clean Grill Brush Today For Test Driving Kona Rewards!

  • Free, Just pay $4.95 shipping
  • The Top Selling Bristle-Free Grill Brush on Amazon
  • Ships out today with your order.
  • $19.95 Value
  • Or, substitute a set of Copper Grill Mats. Just let us know in your order comments.

    Grillmaster Rewards is a new program we are offering to give all fans of hanging out in your backyard, on the beach, or anywhere in the world while on vacation...

    ...a great opportunity to save, make your life simpler and more fun.

    Yes, we started in BBQ, but this gives all fans of the outdoors an unbelievable opportunity to save a ton and try out some of the best tools and supplies available.

    Additionally, we have teamed up with other organizations to bring you great freebies and huge savings on all the items you need for a fantastic staycation or getaway. For a limited timewe are offering a Free 14-day test drive that comes with a FREE Safe/Clean Grill Brush, just pay shipping.

    There is NO charge during the test drive other than the cost of shipping your free item.


    • 2 FREE items EVERY Year

      • One on Father’s Day - Your Choice
      • One on Black Friday - Your Choice
      • Not just BBQ items, any single item in store, at any price.
      • Over 50 new products being released this year.
    • 4 FREE Flavor Boxes EVERY Year

      • Sent out every 3 months
      • Includes samples of Rubs, Spices, Marinades or Sauces. Plus, items such as wood smoking chips, planks, etc. that enhances flavor
    • FREE Shipping On All Orders

        • 20% OFF Everything at

        • Up to 70% OFF Newly Released Kona, Coppure copperware, Pop&Lock storage containers and other products at

        • FREE Clickdilly Membership - Up to 50% Off compared to Expedia, Trivago, Orbitz, and other Hotel sites & provides up to 20% Off 300,000 Retail Locations Nationwide. 


        This is a 14 day Test Drive that entitles you to all the benefits of Kona Rewards. You will not be charged during the test drive period other than shipping your free item.

        If you see the value, do nothing and Kona Rewards will renew for $17/month at the completion of the test drive. There will be no charge for cancelation before the test drive ends. No risk, no hard feelings, guaranteed! 

        Easily cancel at any time by self-service in your account, by email or by phone. Keep all the items received as a special thank you for trying gift. 


        This is an unbeatable deal! Makes a great gift!

        Click The "Add To Cart" Button At The Top For Your FREE 14 Day Test Drive & FREE Safe/Clean Grill Brush!


        *Already Have A Safe/Clean Grill Brush? Would you like a FREE set of our new Copper Grill Mats instead? Let us know in your order comments and we will make that adjustment for you.

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